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As you may have noticed, the new year brought a new design for this blog :)

What will the new year bring for the CakePHP world? I think (and really hope) we will see a stable version of CakePHP 1.2, something I already expected to happen in 2007. A good point in time for the release could be during the CakeFest in February, the first gathering of (primarily US-based?) CakePHP users. And with a stable 1.2 version it is also possible that we will see the first (published) CakePHP book…

Furthermore I think the community will still grow, but the growth rate will probably decrease (last year the number of subscribers of the CakePHP Google Group doubled to around 7200 people).

Personally, I hope some of my 30-day trials in 2008 will be successful (last year I started with this approach the habit of going to bicycle (almost) daily, I became an early riser, and abandoned almost completely watching TV).

I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for reading this blog in the last year and for writing all those comments. I learned a lot from them. Thank you!

Is there something you want to have covered more here? Or anything else I can improve? Thanks for feedback!

A Happy New Year to everyone, and happy baking :)

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  • Dieter

    I liked you previous layout better ( and i’m sure you’ll know why ;) ) but this looks pretty nice too (and actually i dont care much about layouts much anyway)

    Happy 2k8.

  • Brandon P

    Change is always good!!

    What does the <I> stand for in your logo?

    CakeFest should be an interesting gathering but it’s surprising that they waited this late to either plan the event or start promoting it. There still is no official information on the event (other than a date and the cost) with only 9 weeks until the doors open.

    Are you going to attend? :)

    I, personally, would like to see more posts as you’ve done recently – displaying some of the inconsistencies and problems that come out of using the framework. It’s easy to blog about “CakePHP now does this” but it’s much harder to show use-case scenarios where seemingly clear examples might lead to confusion or otherwise unexpected results.

    Many of the issues you have blogged about come up commonly in developers lives. So, keep up the great work, my man! I look forward to more delightful and sometimes controversial posts :)

    Happy 2008!

  • Lance Willett

    Daniel, happy 2008 to you… and I like the refreshed look. Keep up the great articles.

  • Mariano Iglesias

    @cakebaker: happy new year to you too, and i prefer clean layouts so this works for me :) Hope all of you can go to CakeFest to enjoy the beggining of what will be a true Cake year

  • Malcolm Bastien

    Hey, looking forward to some great [controversial] CakePHP blog posts this year. They are always, on top of entertaining, insightful and bring up things about Cake that a lot of us wouldn’t come across otherwise.

    Maybe for the main page though, you can move links like recent comments and recent articles to a sidebar? Pretty fresh colour scheme though!

  • oli

    thanks for your valuable articles last year. don’t stop in 2008!

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @Brandon: It should represent the “initials” of cakebaker: the opening tag stands for the “c”, the line and the closing tag are for “b” ;-)

    Yes, they are quite late with the “call for papers” and with the announcement of the date. But I think it is the first time they organize such an event.

    No, I am not going to attend the CakeFest, as it doesn’t fit with my agenda :(

    @Malcolm: I have to consider it as I am not fully happy with the main page yet.

  • MJ Ray

    Happy New Year! The new design doesn’t fit 512px-width (half-screen) or set a default color property – but it does set a default background-color, making the site invisible to some people. You might want to fix that.

  • Anh

    Happy new year! I mainly read your blog via my RSS reader, so I haven’t noticed that you changed your layout till today. Nice theme, I really like it. :)

  • cakebaker

    @MJ Ray: Thanks for your hints! The default color is now set. Regarding the width I have to admit I simply took the same width as in the previous design. It is probably not that ideal for mobile devices…

    @Anh: The same here, I also read most blogs via my RSS reader ;-)

  • Baz L

    Dude, excellent logo! I must say, and thanX for the tips.

    It seems that the CakePHP team doesn’t sleep, ever. But that’s awesome for the rest of us.

  • Matsimitsu

    Great new design! and a happy new year :)
    May many more cake articles follow.

  • cakebaker

    @Baz, Matsimitsu: Thanks for your comments!

  • Pensa

    I like your new design but the most important is I like your articles ..
    thanks for share, I learn a lot from you:)

  • cakebaker

    @Pensa: Thanks :)

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