Twelve new projects on CakeForge — six still alive

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Since my last overview of new projects on CakeForge, twelve new projects have been started. From those projects six are still alive, the others seem to be dead.

Let’s start with the projects which are alive:

Event Portal: Event portal seems to be a kind of social network. From the project description: “This is a Portal where User can interact with others, share there blogs, write personal messages to other users, maintain a photo gallery and create events.”

There is an alpha version available as download.

Centerflow: Centerflow is a project management application. You can download a release from CakeForge. The project’s main website is

Desmix CMS: As the name indicates, it is a content management system. There is some code in the repository, but no release yet.

Instantaneous: The goal of instantaneous is to build a tumblelog application. No release yet, but there is some code in the repository.

Control Tower: The Control Tower project is about creating an application like trac. The project hasn’t released any code yet, but you can find some code plus a road map in the repository.

Classifieds: This application allows users to browse and post classified ads. There is an alpha version available as download.

And here the projects which seem to be dead:

Design Studio – a form builder: A form builder.

Cowsay: I don’t know what the idea of this project was.

Listing Manager: A listing manager.

Gift Register: A web-based solution for providing your guests with a list of the things you’d most appreciate receiving on your wedding day, or other special occasion.

CupcakeBB: A forum plug-in.

FrontOffice for OOTP: No idea what this project is about.

As always, good luck to the still active projects!

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