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Even though the cookbook application is quite new, some translation efforts have already been started resp. are planned for several languages (you find them also in the footer of the cookbook application):

I don’t know how this translation process is intended to work, but I think some features useful for translation purposes (like versioning and a diff function) are missing in the current version of the cookbook. Of course, they are not essential in the beginning, though as the docs evolve such features will make the life of the translators easier.

Anyway, if you want to help with the translation efforts, you best contact John David Anderson (aka _psychic_): “Email me or catch me on IRC (#cakephp on freenode) to discuss any translations efforts you’d like to pitch in on.”

Update 2008-02-21: Added links to Italian and Japanese versions of the cookbook.
Update 2008-02-26: Added links to Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Polish versions of the cookbook.
Update 2008-02-29: Added link to Czech version.

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  • AD7six

    “I don’t know how this translation process is intended to work”
    It’s a three step process:
    1) View what you want to translate in the language you want to translate it to (It’ll be in English only if there is no current translation)
    2) Edit it
    3) Save it

  • cakebaker

    @AD7six: Thanks for the explanation. But what happens if someone has translated, for example, the blog tutorial, and there is a change in the original blog tutorial? How does the translator know that a) there is a change, and b) what the change is?

  • AD7six

    I don’t see any suggestion or request here:

  • cakebaker

    @AD7six: Well, the important thing I already said in the last sentence of my previous comment. And that’s something which doesn’t fit into a ticket, as trac is not for process analysis…

    Anyway, I just opened a ticket for a feature which may be useful for the translation process.


    interesting your site =D

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