CakePHP talk at FOSDEM

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At this year’s FOSDEM (free and open source software developer’s European meeting) Garrett Woodworth (probably better known as gwoo) gave a talk about CakePHP. This talk (among many others) is now available as a video in the Ogg format (the duration is around 50 minutes). You can find the slides from the talk on There you will also find some slides from CakeFest talks.

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  • Marcin Domanski

    Yeah the talk was great but the beer afterwards was even better ;)
    Too little time to talk about all the cake goodies.

  • cakebaker

    @Marcin: *g*

  • Xr

    It was a nice talk, probably easy enough to get for those who never tried Cake. He even finished it 30 seconds early :p

    The answers to the questions were a bit meh, though. Sure, PHP *is* a templating engine but saying that Cake performed better than Rails without having done any tests (that’s what I understood anyway) remembered me of a teaching assistant who used to troll on how MySQ sucked compared to Oracle. Well, he had never tested Oracle but it looked like it was better.

  • cakebaker

    @Xr: I think he tried to cover too much stuff, and so I guess it is rather difficult for a newbie to get it. But I can be wrong.

    And I agree with you that you have to take statements about performance with a pinch of salt.

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