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Just noticed that the first chapters of the upcoming book “CakePHP in Action” by Duane O’Brien are now available in the Early Access Program of Manning.

There are also at least two other books under way: “Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional” by David Golding, and “CakePHP – Das Praxisbuch” (in German) by Timo Derstappen.

All those books are scheduled for the second half of this year, so it is still a bit until they are released…

(if you understand Japanese you may have a look at, as there are already two CakePHP books available in Japanese)

Update (2008-04-08): There is another German CakePHP book coming with the title “Webentwicklung mit CakePHP.

Update (2008-06-15): Another English book is coming soon with the title CakePHP Application Development, co-authored by Ahsanul Bari.

Update (2008-08-10): The books Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional and CakePHP Application Development have been released and are now available via Amazon (or other book stores). Another English CakePHP book is also coming soon: Practical CakePHP Projects.

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