R.I.P. CakePHP 1.1

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On the CakePHP website version is listed as the stable version of CakePHP and hence it still gets downloaded by new users. But the label “stable” is a bit misleading, as it implies that version 1.2 is unstable, which is not true (don’t ask me why there is no 1.2 version labeled “stable” yet).

In principle we have the same situation in the CakePHP world as there is in the PHP world with PHP4 and PHP5: we have a (discontinued) CakePHP 1.1 and we have the current CakePHP 1.2 (plus version 2.0 on the horizon).

Therefore it is recommended for new users (and new projects) to start with the current version of CakePHP 1.2. CakePHP 1.1 is dead…

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  • Nik Chankov

    I also always recommended to all people which ask me for opinion to start using CakePHP1.2. In fact I never used CakePHP1.1 :)

  • Joel Moss

    While I agree that 1.2 should be everyones starting point, 1.2 is not labeled stable, as it has not yet had a release. It is still in release candidate form as there are a fair few bugs yet to be squashed, which is required for a stable release. So 1.1 is not discontinued and won’t be for a while yet. We still plan on supporting it even after 1.2 is released.

    And you can’t really compare it to PHP 4 and 5, as PHP 5 has had a stable release for several years now.

  • Chris Forrette

    I’m actually using Cake 1.1 on a project right now and I find it to be pretty refreshing. I feel like 1.2 has gotten a little bloated and out-of-hand in some ways.

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @Joel: For me the “release candidate” label is just a label. I consider it to be stable (I don’t know what the “official” criteria are for the “stable” label), and I think many in the community do the same, otherwise the majority would still use 1.1. And if you look at the activity in the 1.1 branch you will see there is almost no activity since the beginning of this year.

    @Chris: Yes, 1.1 is more light-weight than 1.2. On the other hand I don’t want to miss some of the 1.2 features ;-)

  • http://filchiprogrammer.wordpress.com/

    I think it\’s time for cakephp 2.0 ! :0

  • Susanna Schroeder

    As a new user starting a new project I did download 1.1 as the latest stable release. So all components and everything we add needs to be compatible with 1.1. Then I find that there is hard to find documentation on it but docs and features are all over the internet for 1.2. I do think it is a bit misleading to post 1.1 as a recommended release when 1.2 has so much more to offer (in terms of user-contributed components, etc), and has been in use for such a long time.

  • cakebaker

    @filchi, Susanna: Thanks for your comments!

    @filchi: I fully agree with you, and I’m also looking forward to CakePHP 2.0 :)

    @Susanna: Yes, it’s misleading, especially for new users. And it’s rather unusual for a project that the majority of users is not using the stable release, but a release candidate…

  • George

    We’ve switched to using 1.2 on our new projects, and it does bring some great features. Overall I’m quite pleased with it.

    But as Chris said, using 1.1 after 1.2 is quite refreshing. Its overall a much simpler and cleaner framework, and has been a pleasure to develop software on.

    I don’t totally understand how a 1.2 release can differ so greatly from a 1.1, but that’s another issue for another day. Looking forward to seeing the 2.0 release.

  • Stefano Garuti

    I had the same experience of Susanna:
    I started a new project for a client and I downloaded and coded with the 1.1…
    It\’s understandable but weird that when I ask for help or tips etc everyone tell me to upgrade to 1.2 … form the official point of view 1.2 doesn\’t exists yet :-D


  • cakebaker

    @George, Stefano: Thanks for your comments!

    @George: Yes, all those changes/new features/new conventions have an impact on the framework and make it more complex…

    @Stefano: Yeah, it’s a bit weird ;-) I think it would be helpful, if the Cake devs would add a hint like the PHP devs do, they call the latest stable version of PHP4 “historical stable release”. Another option is of course to release a stable release of 1.2 ;-)

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