Screencasts for CakePHP beginners

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Last weekend, David Golding has published on his site three screencasts which are especially interesting for people new to CakePHP. The titles of those screencasts are: “Installing and Setting Up CakePHP”, “Running Cake Outside Root”, and “Using Scaffolding and Bake”.

Additional screencasts produced a while ago (some without sound) can be found on

Enjoy them :)

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  • voidstate

    This is great news. Too many people are put off Cake by the sparse documentation. We just need to get them hooked with easy entry stuff like this…

  • cakebaker

    @voidstate: The documentation has become better. But of course it doesn’t hurt to have more of it…

  • Stephen

    Thanks for pointing me towards those videos. Google brought me here and you pointed the way to what I really wanted. Those videos need to be on the CakePHP site.

  • cakebaker

    @Stephen: You are welcome! And yes, it would be useful to have those videos on the official website, however, looking at the date of this post I doubt it will happen…

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