Building a DVD catalog application with CakePHP

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Back in April of this year, James Fairhurst started a series in his blog about creating a DVD catalog application with CakePHP 1.2. The series consists of 12 parts and ended this week. Here are all parts, they are best read one after the other:

  • Part 1: Setup of CakePHP and creation of the tables and the corresponding models
  • Part 2: Creating the first controller and the corresponding views
  • Part 3: Creating two more controllers with the respective views
  • Part 4: File upload and introduction of jQuery
  • Part 5: Working with a HABTM association
  • Part 6: Adding authentication to the application
  • Part 7: Graphical design of the application
  • Part 8: Realizing the design with HTML and CSS
  • Part 9: Introduction to layouts and elements
  • Part 10: Defining the start page
  • Part 11: Using requestAction()
  • Part 12: Finishing the application

The final result can be seen at

The series is ideal for a rainy Sunday like today, as it requires quite some time to follow it ;-)

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