Life is short, so use it wisely

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Sometimes you get reminded that life is quite short. Each day could be your last day. And each day could be the last day you are the person you are right now. That’s life, it’s something we can’t influence. It just happens.

But what we can influence is the way we live our life each day. Do you do what’s important to you? Or do you waste your life doing meaningless things? Or do you postpone, for whatever reason, important things you should do now?

Whatever your answers are: Life is short, use it wisely.

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  • Igor

    It’s a good reminder :)

  • Nik

    When I read this an idea popped out – to write a blog post scheduled for the near future let’s say 2-3 months upfront and if you don’t update the post regularly, it will be published. The content could be your last will or some wise thoughts for the future generation /a little bit black humor from me but couldn’t resist/.

    But indeed life is short…

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter

    I beg to differ :-)

    I was reminded of the “shortness of life” many times in my life (even though I’m fairly young), and I’ve concluded that life isn’t short. It is very, very long, and you can do all the things you plan to do. As long as you don’t rush it. A bit paradoxical, but it works.

    I’ve also confirmed this with several “senior citizens” :-)

    So, change your motto to: “Life is too long!” :-)

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @Nik: I like the idea! Having to update the post regularly would probably be a bit annoying ;-) Maybe something like “publish the article if the blog owner didn’t login for 2 months” would be more user-friendlier (with the disadvantage that it would require a plugin for this functionality).

    @Hannibal Lecter: Yes, life can be “long” (it’s a relative term; compared to the age of earth a human life doesn’t last very long). My point is more that you don’t know how long your life will be and in which state you will experience it. You can get hit by a car tomorrow, and you are history. Or you are so injured, you can’t do anymore what you wanted to do…

    Seeing life as being short affects the way you prioritize things in your life. A simple example: someone asks you whether you want to drink a tea with him/her. Do you say “Sorry, I don’t have time” or do you make time for it?

  • Tarique Sani

    Hey Daniel! Hope everything with you and yours is OK.. What was it that reminded you?

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter

    Daniel, that’s my point exactly!

    I wasn’t hit by a car, but let’s say I’ve had similar experiences. I apologize if I start to sound a bit crazy..

    The key to “living a full life” is to realize that you don’t have to make time, you already have all the time in the world. Therefore, when someone asks you for a cup of tea, the only question is do you really want the cup of tea or not. Time is just an excuse.

    People who tell you that life is short are just wrong. Life is very, very long. But first you have to realize that you should not fear death. It’s an integral part of life, just like everything else. So why fear it? You might already be dead and not know it at all. In fact, if you accept that you *are* already dead (and alive!) things start to fit in.

    In a nutshell, “bad” things happen in life, so does death. When you accept them as something necessary and even useful (most difficult to do sometimes) you’ll be unstoppable.

    Rubbish, eh? :-)

  • cakebaker

    @Tarique: Yes, I’m fine, but my mother is currently in the hospital (though she is on the mend, fortunately). And that was the reminder for me.

    @Hannibal Lecter: “In fact, if you accept that you *are* already dead (and alive!) things start to fit in” sounds a bit strange to me ;-) Though it goes in the direction of Matrix and its philosophy that you can’t know whether what you experience is real or just a simulation…

    I agree with the other points you mention, your statement “you don’t have to make time, you already have all the time” hits the nail on the head. I don’t think the thoughts you shared are rubbish, I appreciated them. Thank you!

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