Auto-loading vendor files (or any other file)

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If you use classes which do not fit into CakePHP’s structure (i.e. they are no components, helpers, etc.), you have to import those classes manually with App::import(‘Vendor’, ‘ClassName’), at least if your classes are in the “vendors” folder. This means, every time you want to use such a class, you first have to import it before you can use it. And that’s a bit of a pain ;-)

Fortunately, PHP5 provides a solution for this “problem”: auto-loading. The explanation from the manual: “You may define an __autoload function which is automatically called in case you are trying to use a class/interface which hasn’t been defined yet. By calling this function the scripting engine is given a last chance to load the class before PHP fails with an error.”

In CakePHP a good place for this function is app/config/bootstrap.php. The function to auto-load vendor files looks like:

function __autoload($className) {
    App::import('Vendor', $className);

If you want to use a custom function or a method of a class, you simply have to register your auto-load implementation. The example from above realized with a static method looks like:

class AutoLoader {
    public static function load($className) {
        App::import('Vendor', $className);

spl_autoload_register(array('AutoLoader', 'load'));

You can find more information about auto-loading in the PHP manual: Autoloading objects and spl_autoload_register.

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  • Juan Basso

    I think that this feature can implemented in Cake core. Put the function on basics.php or implements a method in App class and use spl_autoload_register to call.
    Maybe, if load fail, can find a Model, Component, …

  • cakebaker

    @Juan: Thanks for your comment!

    I don’t think this will make it in the core any time soon, because Cake 1.2 still supports PHP4 and this is a PHP5 feature… But maybe the cake devs will make use of this feature in a later version of cake…

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  • David Thalmann

    SPL supports nice classes and interfaces for searching/iterating (<- *hint* ^^) through folders, together with autoload a very powerful feature of php5. But in large projects with deep folder structure is searching for classes slowing down everything. Possible solution: precached/automatic generated class list!

     * Loads classes, search (recursively) in $path
     * @todo speedup this function with precached filelist
     * @param string $class
     * @param string $path
     * @param bool $recursive
    function autoloader($class, $path, $recursive = true) {
    	$dir = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($path);
    	$dir_r = array();
    	foreach($dir as $file) {
    		if(!$file->isDir() && $file == Inflector::underscore($class))
    		elseif($file->isDir() && $recursive && substr($file->getFilename(), 0, 1) != '.') // prevent loading folders like .svn
    			$dir_r[] = $file;
    		foreach($dir_r as $dirs)
    			autoloader($class, $dirs);
     * autoload helper function
     * @param string $class
    function core_autoloader($class) {
    	$list = array(
    		'Inflector'			=> LIB.'inflector.php',
    		'AnotherClass'	=> LIB.'anotherClass.php'
    		/* more here */
    	if(array_key_exists($class, $list))
    		autoloader($class, CORE);
     * Initialize the spl_autoload functions
     * - first activate the autoload function, no magic __autoload() method =)
     * - speed up searching with dropping the .inc extension and set .php as main extension
     * - register our fast autoload function

    Hope could help sb with this.

  • cakebaker

    @David: Thanks for sharing this code! And yes, the SPL provides some nice things which, unfortunately, are not so well-known…

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