What code and presents have in common

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A part of the magic of Christmas is to give and receive presents. Though, often it not only matters what the present actually is but also how it is wrapped. I know, this is a bit irrational. On the other hand, it shows you whether someone cares about the entire experience (and if you give a present it simply feels much better to give a nicely wrapped present than a carelessly wrapped present).

As the title suggests, this post is not only about presents, but also about code. On a first view it looks like they don’t have anything in common. However, the code you write is a present you give to others (and often to yourself if you maintain the code). And the code written by others is a present from those people to you. The present itself is the functionality of the code, and the wrapping is how the code looks like. So, how do you wrap your (code) presents?

Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate it, and have a nice time!

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