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Recently I had to implement a “related tags” feature, i.e. you want to get all tags of items tagged with a specific tag. For example, if you have posts tagged with “sql” then you want to get all other tags of those “sql” posts, like “mysql”, “performance”, whatever.

Here the SQL I came up with for the aforementioned example:

    COUNT(*) as postcount
    tags AS t 
    INNER JOIN posts_tags AS pt ON ( = pt.tag_id) 
    INNER JOIN posts AS p ON (pt.post_id = 
    INNER JOIN posts_tags AS pota ON ( = pota.post_id) 
    INNER JOIN tags AS Tag ON (pota.tag_id = 
WHERE = 'sql'  
    AND <>

I hope this SQL snippet is useful for some of you!

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  • speedmax

    I used pretty much exactly the same Query for my own project, then i have builded a TaggableBehavior for CakePHP to add tagging feature for any model. loosely based on DHH’s acts_as_taggable

    then i have also added following methods, u may find it useful


  • majna

    Decomposing can help on larger datasets,
    Use decomposing to avoid slow query.

    SELECT * FROM tag
    JOIN tag_post ON
    JOIN post ON
    WHERE tag.tag=’mysql’;

    SELECT * FROM tag WHERE tag=’mysql’;
    SELECT * FROM tag_post WHERE tag_id=1234;
    SELECT * FROM post WHERE in (123,456,567,9098,8904);

  • cakebaker

    @speedmax, majna: Thanks for your comments!

    @speedmax: Thanks for sharing your TaggableBehavior! Your findRelatedTags() seems to be cleaner than the SQL I’m currently working on to retrieve the related tags when you provide multiple tags.

    @majna: Thanks for this tip!

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