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Today I released a new version of the OpenID component. Three changes made it into this release:

Almost all external libraries are now included in the package to make the installation a bit easier. Included are the required PHP OpenID library and PEAR DB (which is used if you want to store the OpenID data in the database). Not included is the EAUT library as I think this standard is dead (i.e. nobody is using it).

The configuration settings are now set when you add the OpenID component to the $components array of your controller(s):

public $components = array('Openid' => array('use_database' => true));


public $components = array('Openid' => array('database_config' => 'name_of_database_config));

The old way, using Configure::write(), is no longer supported:

Configure::write('Openid.use_database', true);
Configure::write('Openid.database_config', 'name_of_database_config');

So, if you upgrade and you use those configuration settings, make sure to adapt your code accordingly.

Last, but not least, I fixed a bug which caused a “class not found” error if you used the component in a plugin.

That’s it. You can get the component from or directly from GitHub.

Happy baking!

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