Bugfix release for the OpenID component & an example application

Published on and tagged with cakephp  component  openid

Last week I received a mail from a user of the OpenID component in which he described that it wasn’t possible to login with OpenIDs from claimID and Blogger. After some debugging I found the reason for this problem: a bug in the isOpenIDResponse() method. The method only recognized responses from providers using OpenID 2.0, but not from providers still using the older OpenID 1.x… So, if you are using this method in your code, please upgrade to the latest version (v2010-07-17).

I also got asked whether there is an example application that shows the usage of the OpenID component. As I already use a very simple application to test the component manually, I pushed this application to GitHub (you can see the application in action on http://openid-example.42dh.com/). I hope this will make it easier for some of you to get started with the OpenID component.

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