CakePHP resources

On this page I try to list the most useful resources for a cakebaker. If you are missing a site, please let me know, and I will add it.


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Official resources The official CakePHP website. The documentation application for CakePHP (1.2 and 1.1). API documentation. A place for the community to share tutorials, code snippets, etc. CakePHP development site. The place for open source CakePHP projects. A place to share code snippets. Some screencasts. A search engine for CakePHP related stuff. Log files of the IRC channel #cakephp on Use the CakeBin to paste code you want to discuss in IRC. A cheatsheet for CakePHP 1.1. Cake Software Foundation. Other projects of the Cake Software Foundation. CakePHP on Ohloh. CakePHP conference. The Show, live internet radio broadcast with CakePHP-related topics.

Places for discussions, questions, etc. The main discussion group (in English). Discussion group dedicated to the documentation efforts (in English, not very active). Discussion group for German speaking people. Discussion group for Chinese speaking people (not very active). Discussion group for French speaking people. Discussion group for Spanish speaking people (the archive is only visible for members). Discussion group for generating a Spanish documentation (not very active). Discussion group for Portuguese speaking people. Discussion group for Russian speaking people. Discussion group for Japanese speaking people (not very active). Discussion group for Indonesian speaking people. Discussion group for Brazilian people (not very active). Another discussion group for Brazilian people. Discussion group for people from Chile. Discussion group for those keeping up with SVN:HEAD of CakePHP (not very active). Unofficial CakePHP forum. Forum for The Show.

Blogs Felix Geisendörfer (aka the_undefined), Tim Koschützki and Nate Abele. Jonathan Snook. A Japanese blog about CakePHP. Chris Hartjes “teknoid” Mark Story Blog of the Cake Development Corporation


Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional (Amazon), by David Golding
CakePHP Application Development (Amazon), by Ahsanul Bari and Anupom Syam
Webentwicklung mit CakePHP (Amazon), by Dirk Ammelburger and Robert Scherer.
CakePHP in Action, by Duane O’Brien. Some chapters are available via the early access program of Manning.
Practical CakePHP Projects (Amazon), by Kai Chan and John Omokore.
CakePHP (Amazon), by Timo Derstappen. Not yet released.
CakePHP Pocket Reference, in Japanese
CakePHP, in Japanese
Fast CakePHP, in Japanese

Misc. A google group which contains all ticket-related messages. Logfiles of the IRC channel #cakephp. CakePHP developers looking to hire or be hired. Debian package containing the core of the framework. Debian package with a development server for CakePHP applications. Debian package containing the console scripts. A feed aggregator of CakePHP-related blogs

Non-english resources CakePHP users in Japan CakePHP in Brazil CakePHP in Hungary A site for Spanish speaking CakePHP users CakePHP in Indonesia CakePHP in Chile

Deadpool (sites without any recent activity) An alternative to the official CakePHP API docs. A site which shows the latest news in the CakePHP world. Andy Dawson aka AD7six. Blog of Koa Metter. nate, core developer. Download the manual in different formats (PDF, CHM). Discussion group for Hungarian speaking people. Miguel Ros aka rossoft. gwoo, project manager of the CakePHP project. Armando Sosa, designer of the CakePHP websites. Fabio Cevasco aka h3rald (is no longer about CakePHP). The French blog of Othman Ouahbi aka CrazyLegs. German group blog. CakePHP LJ community. Google group for CakePHP developers. A planet of CakePHP related blogs. A site dedicated to CakePHP beginners.

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