On this page I provide some projects and snippets which may be useful for you. Feel free to use them, everything is licensed under the MIT license. These scripts are written on Linux with PHP5, so you may encounter problems in other environments. Your feedback is welcome :)

OpenID component

OAuth component

CakePHP Test suite (outdated)

Jamal Helper: A helper to make it easier to use the Jamal Javascript MVC framework with CakePHP.

jscake: A simple MVC framelet for Javascript. (deprecated, use Jamal instead)

CakePHP format for Selenium IDE: A format for the Selenium IDE which allows you to export your recorded tests as test cases for the Selenium test suite (see below). On you find a similar format for creating test cases for the Selenium helper.

OpenID Server Switcher: A very simple application to switch the OpenID server to which you delegate your OpenID on-the-fly.

coretest shell script (coretest task for Cake versions without the new console infrastructure): A simple task shell script to execute the core tests of CakePHP. See Testing the core & two new releases for more information.

2007-05-18: Adapted to the new console infrastructure of CakePHP
2007-04-30: Adding an additional include (cache)
2007-03-24: Adding an additional include.

UUID component: A simple component to generate UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers).

Selenium test suite for CakePHP: A test suite for Selenium tests which supports fixtures. Requires CakePHP 1.2. You find more information in the tutorial.

2008-01-08: Applying two fixes provided by Rich Yumul
2007-04-05: Fixing bug with loading camel cased fixtures
2007-03-29: Adding support for Selenium Core 0.8.2
2007-02-24: Fixing bug in selenium_test_case.php caused by fixtures using boolean values

Selenium helper: A view helper which makes it easier to write Selenium tests. The usage is described in the article “Selenium”.

2008-11-25: Adding support for Selenium Core 0.8.3, dropping PHP4 support
2007-03-29: Adding support for Selenium Core 0.8.2

Helper to group error messages: A simple helper which groups error messages. See “Grouping error messages”.

Sqlscripts shell script: A bake task shell script to generate “create” and “drop” sql scripts. See “A simple task to generate sql scripts”.

2007-06-21: Bake task transformed to a shell script

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